Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Trees of Harlowe Canal

Harlowe, NC took a beating during Hurricane Irene.  On our way to Cedar Island, NC for the 2011 WaterTribe NC Challenge, we paused in Harlowe and used our brightest light to check out the views of the Harlowe Canal from its three bridges.  

Bridge 1
At 9pm the current under Bridge 1 was running at about 2 knots in the unfavorable direction.  But wait!  That's not all you get....  Bridge 1 has a new feature:  a fallen pine tree which spans almost the entire width of the waterway.   The base of the trunk appeared to be roughly 1' in diameter.   The trunk is supported on those of its limbs that are pointed down into the water and bottom.  DogsLife was the first NCC arrival at Cedar Island to discover this fallen tree when he scouted the bridges earlier in the day.   As DogsLife said, it appears that the sea kayakers will have no problem gliding under the middle or around the top end of the fallen tree.  Looks like a sawing and pruning party for the rest of us.   Here are three views of that tree. 



Bridge 2
From Bridge 2 we could see that some collapsed tree limbs are resting on the power line.  Inspecting this feature from a bit of distance might be advisable as we float toward Bridge 2  --just to make sure the line has not fallen.  Also from Bridge 2 we could see the silouettes of several very tall trees that are now leaning high over the canal.  This suggests more trees may be in the process of falling over the coming weeks or months.

Bridge 3
Do we really need to scout Bridge 3?  

During the NCC,  if the WaterTribe Challenge Tracking Map shows a large number of challengers all piling up at one spot on the map near Harlowe, NC ....  well......   they may have just discovered a "new feature" of the adventure race.

Update:  Tree from Bridge #1 in Daylight  
(from Christine Cochran)


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