Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WaterTribe NC Challenge begins September 30, 2011


Silver pieces of eight and gold doubloons
The third annual NCC begins Friday at 7:00am on Cedar Island. In sea kayaks, trimarans, catamarans, and mono-hulls,  more than 60 individuals are on the confirmed roster for the 100mile adventure race around Cedar Island.  Two kayakers are on for the 50 mile race to the check point in Beaufort, NC.  Pirate treasure awaits the finishers.

SOS and I are aiming to complete our third NCC.  While we are sailing and rowing the Dawn Patrol,  SandyBottom will be taking on the much greater challenges the NCC offers sea kayakers.  In 2009 and 2010 she organized and managed the NCC.   This year she is looking forward to being on the water in her QCC 600 kayak. 

For all of us who take longer than half a day to finish,  it is certain that one of the challenges of this NCC will be late September's lack of moon light.

Moon phases calendar
Current weather forecasts suggest a range of conditions as a predicted cold front arrives. Temperatures on Friday and Saturday will range from 80°F down to 60°F.  Friday might be somewhat like that in the 2010 NCC:  warm and sunny with light winds.  Or, Friday or Saturday may look to be much like that in the 2009 NCC:  cool with heavy or high winds from the north or northwest.  Will we be beating into headwinds the entire way?

The adventure is about to begin.  The Dawn Patrol's SPOT track during the 2011 NCC should be available (click here).

SPOT in the bag
(or copy and paste the following URL in your browser... )

Today the WaterTribe Challenge Tracking Map shows challengers recent test locations (paddling/sailing on lakes and rivers, or at home).   During the NCC it will use SPOT tracking data to show the tracks and positions of all the challengers.
WaterTribe Challenge Tracking Map (here)

Track of the Dawn Patrol in the 2009 NCC

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